Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Spiral maze bangle

This is a bangle that I have been working on, I love to use spirals in my jewellery, I am really drawn to spirals I'm not sure why, but I intend to find out somehow, I think it may have something to do with Sacred Geometry and the golden ratio but I haven't yet found a link that resonates within me between spirals and Sacred Geometry.

I feel as though I need something more for this design I thought that the design on its own would be enough not to have 3 dimensional curves, but it looks rather flat and basic so I have started experimenting with textures such as a smooth polished surface and a beaten hammered finish but still it lack's form and dimension. So the question is how to create this design with a richer appeal. Perhaps I can file the edges to create a more fluid and flowing curve or construct it using forged wire of varied thickness. I also plan to set water opals in my current bangle which may give it a more 3D appeal.