Thursday, October 15, 2009

Flower of life repetition cuffs

From the flower of life Mandala, I wanted to create a cuff. My first instinct was to join the circular motif by repeating it, but after looking at the design I noticed that it was possible to create a flowing repetitive pattern. I then designed a template to follow and punch out the pattern from, after punching it out I felt really pleased with the outcome. The process that followed was creating spinoffs that experimented with various finishing techniques to create different appeals which involved fold forming the edges, soldering side bands, making it in copper with a patina and patching up splits using wire and Gold granules. I also investigated and experimented with different proportions including the Golden mean. When I punch this repetitive pattern, the punching becomes an automatic response and somewhat forms into a meditation; this is where my manufacture ties in with the theory behind the Mandala.


I created these earrings using one of the elements from the experimental punching of test pieces using my newly discovered technique of ‘pierce punching’. I came across this pattern called the flower of life or creation pattern, I had seen a lot of jewellery made with this motif but it had merely been pierced out from plate and I thought it was such a special and interesting pattern that I wanted to render it in a unique and appealing way. I thought that my punching method would be the perfect way in which to portray it. The result was deeply rewarding and I felt that this special element needed a distinctive shepherds hook to compliment it so I used the same concept as the shwe-shwe earrings which was the forged spiral but this time I used thicker wire which resulted in a more prominent taper. To finish it off I left the FOL element an acid white which gave it an essence of purity I then burnished the protruding petals to create an eye-catching sparkle as the light reflected from the pattern. I was really attracted to this design so I designed a collection of jewellery around it.

Sacred pattern

This is a bangle I have made using a repetitive Flower of life pattern.
I had to draw out the pattern on paper which was quite tricky to work out, but eventually got it by using 60 degree angles and measuring the gaps between each petal on my FOL tempate.
I have found that in certain places, where the punched holes are too close together, the metal has started to split especially when I domed the bangle I will try to fix this problem by leaving larger spaces between the punched holes.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Flower of life pendant

I am in the process of making this neck piece I found these beautiful beads that remind me of the ocean and have been trying to find something to make for it. I plan to make 2 smaller elements to go on either side but I am researching ways in which to apply the golden ratio to the smaller elements. I plan to use pearl clasps to connect it to the beads so it can be worn with one big element for a more casual look or with three for a more extravagant appeal.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Punching Patterns

These were some test pieces I made whilst exploring my new found technique of punch piercing and sacred geometry patterns.
I was very pleased with this new technique and around about this time I had started my investigations with sacred geometry. I came across a very alluring pattern called the flower of life, which up until this time I had struggled to find a way in which to render it in metal without using the likely method of piercing or etching. When I came across this technique I thought of how I could use it to portray this pattern. I then realised that it was made up either of overlapping circles or connecting marquise shapes, this is what brought me to use a marquise shaped punch to render the pattern.