Thursday, October 15, 2009

Flower of life repetition cuffs

From the flower of life Mandala, I wanted to create a cuff. My first instinct was to join the circular motif by repeating it, but after looking at the design I noticed that it was possible to create a flowing repetitive pattern. I then designed a template to follow and punch out the pattern from, after punching it out I felt really pleased with the outcome. The process that followed was creating spinoffs that experimented with various finishing techniques to create different appeals which involved fold forming the edges, soldering side bands, making it in copper with a patina and patching up splits using wire and Gold granules. I also investigated and experimented with different proportions including the Golden mean. When I punch this repetitive pattern, the punching becomes an automatic response and somewhat forms into a meditation; this is where my manufacture ties in with the theory behind the Mandala.

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