Thursday, October 15, 2009


I created these earrings using one of the elements from the experimental punching of test pieces using my newly discovered technique of ‘pierce punching’. I came across this pattern called the flower of life or creation pattern, I had seen a lot of jewellery made with this motif but it had merely been pierced out from plate and I thought it was such a special and interesting pattern that I wanted to render it in a unique and appealing way. I thought that my punching method would be the perfect way in which to portray it. The result was deeply rewarding and I felt that this special element needed a distinctive shepherds hook to compliment it so I used the same concept as the shwe-shwe earrings which was the forged spiral but this time I used thicker wire which resulted in a more prominent taper. To finish it off I left the FOL element an acid white which gave it an essence of purity I then burnished the protruding petals to create an eye-catching sparkle as the light reflected from the pattern. I was really attracted to this design so I designed a collection of jewellery around it.

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