Thursday, September 2, 2010

Crit with Brenda Ridgewell

I had a very interesting and motivating conversation with Brenda Ridgewell, the Director of Jewellery and 3D Design at Curtin University, Western Australia. She told me that she really liked my work and she had seen it at the NSA Gallery, I told her that it needed replenishing as I felt quite embarrased because I have been neglecting my stand, due to circumstances and only have one piece left to show, she told me that I should keep renewing it as it looks bad from a supplying point of veiw to the seller's at NSA or elsewhere.
Brenda also told me that I must carry on using the technique and designs that I use but develop them more which she said is about 30 years in the making as development never really ends so long as you stick with the same idea or technique.

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