Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Future Intentions: handmade with African Spirit

I want to build up an industry which focuses on creating and selling quality, handmade goods which are not your run of the mill items. In other words I would like to make, design and source items which are made by South Africans, such as Jewellery, shoes, bags and even ornaments which emanate a truly African spirit without being your predictable, cliche items found in curio shops. I want each piece to be handmade using hands-on, time honored techniques that are not a result of mass-production processes such as mould making, dye-forming or assembly-line production. There is just one issue regarding this type of industry which is the labour cost, each item tends to be more expensive due to the amount of time it takes to manufacture the items, I do not want these goods to only be accessible to the higher earning class so I would have to find a balance so that lower earning people can afford it too, perhaps by creating and sourcing smaller, less time consuming goods made from cheaper materials.

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