Monday, November 1, 2010

Phi copper patina cuff

This cuff was part of the developmental series of flower of life repetition patterns, I had previously created silver cuffs with side bands soldered to it which produced a clean sophisticated look but I wanted to make one in copper for a earthy bohemian style. I fold-formed the edges before doming it which I found to be quite an enjoyable process and really worked well with the copper; the wavy edge contributed to its tarnished asperity and the patina further added to the earthy, bohemian look. The proportions of this bangle were considerably pleasing to the eye so I investigated it by measuring certain distances and relations such as the punched holes and widths of the bangle. I came to the conclusion that when I measured the bangle width and lengthways the ratio between the two was close to 1.618 (Phi) this may be a reason for its visual appeal. I have used this ratio with subsequent bangles.

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