Monday, September 7, 2009

Anglo Platinum process

This was the start of my anglo platinum earrings.

I first had to forge my own tapering punches into different shapes such as Tear Drop, Marquise and a line punch. They where made by forging the tapers and the sanding and grinding to the shapes needed.
I had to experiment with various textures for my metal I decided that both sides should have contrasting textures so the one side I made polished and the other I rolled through the roll mill with sand paper to give a matted grainy texture. The front side I decided should be the matt texture so that when punched from the polished side, the burs (raised parts) could be burnished and would stand out from the matt finish.

I then had to carefully measure where my punches had to be placed so that the pattern would be evenly spaced . The punched holes also varied in sizes from large in the middle to smaller towards the end so I had to be carefull of how hard I hit them into the metal.

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