Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Natural Mystic Range

This year I have been focusing on wax modeling with a technique called wax rolling and extrusion explained in the equilibrium posts. These pieces are the objects of my exploration from this year It may not seem to be much but there were a lot of blood, sweat and mistakes during the process of making these pieces.

I am influenced strongly by natural forms and patterns and that is where I draw my Inspiration from in the design of my pieces. I like to reflect the rhythm and flow of nature in my jewellery as a tribute to Mother Earth. When I become an established jeweller I would really like to contribute a percentage of my earnings towards global warming and environmental funds.

From a research point of view I wasn't sure which direction I was heading in, I started off with ethnic jewellery and its purpose in in ethnic societies, my aim was to discover the original purpose for jewellery which I found out to be Social Status, Adornment and mutual recognition between fellow tribesmen. I never found It captivating enough to follow on with the subject, but realized from it all that I would like to create meaningful jewellery.

So now I am focusing on the connection between Sacred Geometry and Nature, and through this I hope to create visually pleasing designs that reflect the harmony of nature and may in some way bring ones life into a harmonius existance, such as the flower of life symbol which has been known to do this.

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