Monday, March 1, 2010

Cause and Effect

This cuff was part of the developmental series of flower of life repetition patterns. During the punching of this cuff the metal formed a clastic curve which I needed to flatten in order to proceed with ease. When I hammered it flat it created a split in the metal, much to my dismay. After the long hours of repetitive punching I had seemingly made a mess of my piece. I then showed it to my lecturer and he told me a story about these wooden bowls made by Korean artists that were used in traditional tea drinking ceremonies. The craftsmen would carve these wooden bowls and when some of the bowls dried out it created a split in the wood which made them useless for tea drinking, so the craftsmen used wire to bind the split, and so from a plain wooden bowl emerged a beautiful work of art. These bowls are now sold as artwork.
This led to me using 18ct gold granules to patch up the split which added to the beauty of this piece.
Hand made beauty is in its flaws but sometimes flaws can be the cause of an effect such as my Flower of Life cuff here.

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