Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Rose Window Mandala earings

I wanted to experiment with other Mandala patterns other than the flower of life, I had previously found a decorative design on paper which really appealed to me, at a later stage I realised why I was so attracted to it which was because it resembled the squash blossom design found in Native American jewellery, it consists of stones being placed around a central stone and more being placed around the inner circle creating a radiating, circular, Mandala-like pattern.
After a few unsuccessful test pieces I found the piece that worked best; it consisted of 3 rows of larger holes bordered by open pinhole apertures. I created smaller and simplified elements for the large elements to hang from so as to add to the visual appeal of the earrings by creating an elongated quality so they did not appear to be one large clumsy element hanging from the ear.
I wanted to incorporate colour into it as Mandalas usually are colourful, so I slumped opaque glass beads into it which went transparent, when held to the light I was reminded of Rose windows.
I did more experimental test pieces to explore other Mandalas as well as to create accurate depictions of rose windows.

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  1. Hi Taryn ... lots of interesting information here... where is the rose window from? would the earrings be different if you used the 7-fold symmetry idea... is not actually 6-fold?