Monday, March 8, 2010

Splash project reflections

I was accepted as an Emerging Creative for the Design Indaba expo so I decided to come up with a few new pieces. I have been researching Mandala’s as part of my Sacred Geometry theme and found a really attractive design that resembled a Mandala. I started punching out the pattern on copper and it was lacking that extra quality to it, this brought me to slumping glass beads to fill the open spaces. I found that once fired the opaque beads became transparent which didn’t sit well at first but when I held it to the light, the colours were illuminated which gave it a far more appealing effect. The test piece resembled to me the stained glass of Rose windows found in Gothic Cathedrals, which I find really attractive and appealing and tend to find that something about them resonates within me. This got me into thinking how much Rose Windows resemble Mandala’s, so I thought that there must be a connection between Rose Windows and Mandala’s, this was the start of my new found interest in Rose Windows, which I intend to start researching the connections.
This leads me to believe that most of my research and production is a result of cause and effect. Because of this, I feel that I am being lead on a path to spiritual awareness or enlightenment which is due to the spiritual concepts of my jewellery. To the uninformed spirituality may not be obvious in my Jewellery but may serve as a medium with which one can learn from, but to those who are informed I believe that my jewellery will have some sort of spiritual resonance within them. Maybe what remains unresolved is that I need to find ways of bringing across spirituality in my jewellery in a more unconsealed manner.

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