Thursday, May 27, 2010

The transformation

Through the lost wax casting my jewellery started taking a more organic form as I began using forms from the ocean as reference for design. Towards the end of the year I started moving away from organic jewellery as it had been over done so many times that I really wanted to do something different, I was still very interested in the mysteries of nature and what causes things to take the forms that they do. I then started researching Sacred Geometry which I found to be quite amazing, it gave me a few explanations as to the reasons nature manifests itself in certain ways.

Around the same time I found a new technique that had not been used alot which involved punching shapes through metal, this enabled me to create patterns in metal with a more 3 dimensional feel. I welcomed this technique with open arms as I love anything that is different and has not been replicated by many people, I love to be original.

I really loved the more hands-on approach and watching the transformation of the metal from start to finish, I felt as though I had a closer relationship with the metal as apposed to wax moulding, it also was much more successful in terms of manufacture than casting was.

This technique also pushed me to create my own punching tools which I have always enjoyed making. The making of the tools is just as important as the making of the jewellery, without the punches I would not have been able create all my different patterns on metal. The punching is also very repetitive especially with the Flower of Life pattern and when I begin punching it almost becomes like a mantra for meditation just as mandala's in Sacred Geometry are an aid to meditation so is the punching.

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